Designing the Ultimate Cabin Experience


What was the inspiration for the interior design concepts of the CITATION LONGITUDE aircraft?

Lydia: Our inspiration is the customer and the people who will be flying in the airplane. We often design interiors based on specific requests. It's not uncommon for something as simple as a light fixture or a carpet pattern to launch the look and feel of a cabin, though. The vision and goal was to create an open, comfortable, quiet space that encourages freedom to move with ease. The ample leg spacing between seats, as well as the flexible functionality of the seat design, creates a sense of control over your environment and a freedom to flow from one task to another as the flight progresses. We also wanted the Longitude aircraft interior to be so well designed that a passenger is never in a hurry to leave the aircraft.

We developed five main interior schemes for the Longitude aircraft (seen here), and each one offers a unique experience you can feel as soon as you step into the aircraft. Most of our designs are customized to align with the aesthetic of a company, or an owner. From our showroom, we work closely with customers to select everything from carpeting and leather, to wood veneers and glassware in the galley.

Discover how the Citation Longitude aircraft compares to other aircraft.

Our main goal is to evoke the surroundings where passengers spend most of their time — places like their home or office. That's where they feel comfortable and most productive, so we want to extract that experience and transport it into the aircraft as well.

Lydia Pierce, interior design specialist

Longitude G_hero

How do you ensure the interior of the Longitude aircraft remains comfortable for passengers?

Lydia: We’ve leveraged the additional cabin space and flat floor to help customers customize the layout of the cabin. Every configuration allows you to take in the extra space and stretch out without feeling cramped. If you’re flying on a long trip, you may want to take advantage of the fully lie-flat seats for a nap, or you may want to take a break on the couch. The cabin environment is designed with openness and comfort in mind.

When you combine the spaciousness of the Longitude aircraft with its more technical features – like the quiet interior and the 5,950 feet cabin altitude that helps passengers feel more rested upon landing — you can really feel how the entire aircraft is designed for maximum comfort.

What are some other features travelers can expect to see — and feel — once they step into the Longitude aircraft?

Lydia: The seats are some of the comfortable in its class. They were designed specifically for the Longitude aircraft. Our interior engineers conducted hundreds of hours of human factors research to determine the optimal locations for back support and cushioning. You'll feel it a soon as you sit down. They also researched distance between seating to ensure every passenger has the right amount of personal space and legroom to stretch out without feeling like they're bumping into someone else. There's 30 inches of legroom between seats — the most out of any super-midsize cabin.

During the early design phases, customers also gave us feedback about the need for more storage space. The walk-in baggage area of the Longitude aircraft is the largest out of any super-midsize aircraft, and can be accessed in flight as well.