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More productivity

Commercial flight can be grueling. Along with complicated, unreliable schedules, crowded terminals, and connecting flights, you have lines for check-in, lines for security, lines at the gate, and lots of waiting around—to board, deplane, and collect your bags. With private aviation, you can skip the hassles, save time, and work privately and comfortably while en route to your destination.

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More flexibility

With private aviation, the only schedule that matters is yours. If you’re running late, your plane will wait. If you need to travel at the last minute or add or remove passengers, we’ve got you covered. Private aviation reigns supreme when it comes to faster, more efficient travel. It also allows you to access thousands of additional airports, getting you closer to your final destination. So skip the lines, skip the layovers, and enjoy the freedom and flexibility that come with flying private. Your team will thank you and your business will be better for it.

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More opportunities

Nothing makes a better impression than doing business face-to-face. With private aviation, you and your employees have more opportunities to visit new clients and strengthen your relationships with existing ones. Getting where you need to be ahead of the competition creates new opportunities and provides a competitive advantage. So go ahead, open new locations, take on new projects, close new deals. If your business is ready to take flight, so are we.


One that promises to provide more ease, more efficiency, and more productivity. An era of flight that’s about making sure your personal space is protected, your people are connected, and your business is running at full speed. 

Need to know more?

What are some of the reasons people buy their own aircraft?

There are many reasons to buy an aircraft. Those looking to do so for business use often focus on flexibility, functionality, and productivity. They have come to see that the world of private aviation can open countless doors for their businesses. With their own aircraft, their teams can skip all the lines and luggage hassles and go straight to their plane to depart on their schedule. They can also easily access thousands of additional airports with direct flights every time to land closer to their final destination, all while gaining the ability to work privately and in complete comfort while en route. Private aviation also allows businesspeople to meet with customers in person, potentially in multiple cities in a single day, while still making it home at night. Our owners have found that the hours saved by flying privately can be used to move their businesses forward or toward personal concentrations and rejuvenation.

New tax legislation that allows you to benefit from an aircraft investment before you take off are yielding new benefits for customers and factoring into some decision making. Consult your tax advisor.

Those who purchase an aircraft for personal use often focus on ease, efficiency, and peace of mind. With the unparalleled flexibility private aviation provides, they can finally travel on their own terms and in complete comfort.

Increasingly, buyers are also citing wellness considerations as they look to reduce exposure to the coronavirus while continuing to travel.

What are the benefits of aircraft ownership?

Privacy, productivity, comfort, luxury, and convenience are some of the major differences between flying private and flying commercial. When you own an aircraft, the only schedule that matters is yours, and aircraft owners have come to appreciate the freedom, flexibility, and peace of mind they provide. 

Who flies privately?

Private aviation isn’t just for celebrities and Fortune 500 companies. Every year, thousands of people and businesses join the ranks of private aviation across the globe, and our customers include individuals, families, and businesses.  

With Fortune 500 companies flying just three percent of U.S. business aircraft, a large majority are flown by other organizations, including large, medium, and small governments; universities; charitable organizations; and small and mid-size companies. In fact, 85 percent of organizations that use private aviation are small and mid-sized companies; 59 percent have fewer than 500 employees; and 70 percent fly non-executive passengers, including customers, technicians, sales personnel, and managers. 

What are the economics of aircraft ownership?

Many costs factor into the economics of aircraft ownership, including upfront capital and ongoing operating costs. Many of our owners have found the time optimization and business expansion facilitated by private aviation to be well worth the investment, and the benefits possible to aircraft owners by new tax legislation have only added to the appeal. Consult with your tax advisor to see how you might benefit.

We would be happy to provide additional details about these considerations as you continue to contemplate aircraft ownership.

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